Virtual Tech Talk with Valkyrie Trading, hosted by SWE

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WHEN: February 7, 2022 6:00 pm-7:30 pmADD TO CALENDAR

Valkyrie Trading, LLC (Valkyrie) was formed in Chicago in 2011 with the intent of embracing trading opportunities and technology in the modern financial marketplace. Positioned in the heart of the derivatives trading capital of the world, Valkyrie aims to provide liquidity to various disjoint, competitive financial markets.

Unlike hedge funds, mutual funds or banks, Valkyrie has no investors or clients and trades only its own capital. Such a structure allows our employees the freedom to focus on trading and the growth of our business. Operating for ourselves, we dynamically price, model, and manage risk across a spectrum of securities, futures, and options.

Our lean size and fierce growth appetite commits us to building cutting-edge technology from the ground up. We move nimbly and decisively to target the opportunities present in our market niche. Although our trading is primarily quantitative and electronic, we maintain indispensable links to the over-the-counter and traditional floor markets alike.

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-Majors Recruited: Bachelors Computer Engineering,Bachelors Computer Science,Bachelors Data Science,Bachelors Electrical Engineering,Bachelors Mechanical Engineering
-Positions available: Fulltime, Internships
-Is the company willing to sponsor students for work authorization?: Yes