LUNCH & LEARN: "Good to Great - Better Understand Three Key Analytical Skills" — Huizhu Crystal Wang

WHERE: Livestream/Virtual

WHEN: April 9, 2021 12:00 pm-1:00 pmADD TO CALENDAR


This event is open to all including U-M students, faculty, and staff.

Good to Great - Better Understand Three Key Analytical Skills

After working in several different analytics areas (Credit Industry, Mobility, Supply Chain), I have consistently observed three critical analytical skills that differentiate good & great data scientists:
— 1) Interpreting Data Insights - Data insights often come from spotting a special pattern or unexpected results. I will share some examples and their Aha moments.
— 2) Design Thinking - What's the central question we are addressing? We often jump into problem-solving directly, and overlook how we frame the problem. There are some cases where the right central question is the game-changer.
— 3) Prototyping/Deployment Skills - A trend shifting from presenting results to an interactive way. It makes a real difference in how users use your excellent optimization models to make data-driven decisions.
There are undoubtedly many other essential skills, optimization, simulation, statistics, machine learning, data structure, programming, communication, story-telling, visualization, data validation, etc. These three skills with examples can help you better understand them and master them.

Huizhu Crystal Wang has been an Analytics Supervisor at Ford Motor Company for four years and has worked on several impactful analytical projects (e.g. choice model, Auto loan pricing optimization, vehicle routing problems, and supply chain optimization.) Her team successfully launched a dynamic routing product into the market in 2018. She currently leads one of Ford GDIA Supply Chain Analytics teams. She received a Ph.D. in Operations Research from Georgia Tech and B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Tsinghua University.